This year, 2019, I’ve had the privilege of launching a new enterprise with my co-founders, Jess Nichol and Josh Zemel. We met years ago as fellow faculty at the Integral Center, a training and development organization. We’ve come together as Bedrock Culture and Leadership, bringing years of expertise in human relations and social systems to organizations.

We believe that how we work together is just as important as what we choose to work on.

I’ve also come to believe a better world is possible through improving the quality of our relationships and approach to organizing our work together. This has been the focus of my work this past decade as I’ve practiced, taught, and facilitated Authentic Relating, Circling, and Holacracy.

I’d like to offer you a peek into a few of the insights motivating this focus of my work these days.

1. Many people have shared with me how important the quality of their relationships is to their work. It’s no longer good enough for many of us to continue tolerating difficult relationships at work or confining meaningful relationships to our private lives. Many of us are working partly from home, on geographically distributed teams, on serial short-term work projects, or at small, tightly-knit, mission-driven startups. These situations blur the lines between work and life in ways that confound typical approaches to “work-life balance.” These days more of us want fulfillment in our work and in our working relationships.

2. Leadership in organizations today means attracting and retaining talented contributors who have many options in today’s diverse and interconnected labor market. Good leaders bring whatever is required to move a situation forward, whether it’s inspiring others with a vision, challenging the status quo, or taking a bold risk. The best leaders bring awareness and care to the quality of their relationships. Relational leadership puts the quality of relationships on an equal footing with all other practical outcomes. This enhances team coordination and inspires trust and loyalty.

3. I’ve spoken to many who crave autonomy and purpose in their work but believe they must either strike out on their own to meet these desires — or compromise them in favor of the security employment with a stable organization provides. Those who do become founders face the tension between creating demand and adequately responding to it. A number of approaches to self-management and self-organization have emerged to effectively manage these tensions. Holacracy, my approach of choice, provides a concrete framework for encoding autonomy, agility, and purpose-alignment into organizations.

At Bedrock, we work with founders, teams, and executive leaders on improving their alignment, coherence, responsiveness, and the quality of their relationships. This translates directly into increased effectiveness at creating value and more fulfillment in their work life.

Please have a look at our company here, and sign up on our mailing list so we can stay in touch. Thanks!

Facilitator, coach, speaker, writer on social technology — Authentic Relating, decentralization, Holacracy, Teal Organization

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